Actress Rasna Pavithran Latest photos got viral.. ‘- See photos


Actress Rasna Pavithran is an actress who has won the hearts of the audience with her performances even though she has not acted as a heroine in the film. Rasna, who became the darling of the audience by playing the role of the hero’s sister, has not acted in a movie for many years.

Yet the truth is that Rasna has a lot of fans. Even though she has not acted in a movie since her marriage, fans are looking forward to her comeback. The 28-year-old Rasna last acted in a film three years ago. Her last film was Manju Warrier’s Amy.

It was the turn and Jomon’s Gospels that made Rasna even more popular with the audience. Even after the wedding, photos of the glamorous photoshoots are shared with the fans on social media. Often it goes viral on social media.

Now Rasna has shocked even the fans with a photoshoot with a stylish look. At first glance we may be wondering if this is Rasna. She has done a new photoshoot with the look of a Hollywood actress. Rasna can be seen in the photos in a silk type overcoat style dress with a sleek look.

The pictures were taken by Rajesh Ramachandran. Nithya Raveendran has done the makeup for this makeover. The costume was designed by Naveen Kumar.


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