‘The last word on beauty!! Rithu Manthra shines brightly in the sari.. ‘- Photos Viral


Bigg Boss is a reality show that attracts audiences with many new comers. Today, versions of Bigg Boss are available in most Indian languages. Tamil Bigg Boss has recently come to an end. Though there are reports that the new season in Malayalam will start soon, there is no confirmation yet.

Ritu Mantra is a star who has formed fan-army groups on social media in the first few weeks through the last Bigg Boss Malayalam. No one paid much attention to Ritu, who played minor roles in the film. But the season that came from the modeling sector quickly turned into a competition with a lot of fans.

She sung in many episodes of Bigg Boss. The season lost half of the energy it had shown in the beginning. But the season lasted until the last few weeks and ended in seventh place. Ritu has acted in films like King Lear, Honey Bee 2 and Role Models.

Ritu also attended the wedding of Anoop Krishnan, a contestant in Bigg Boss. Pictures of the season shining in the sari for the wedding are now going viral on social media. Fans have commented that this is the last word on the richness and beauty of seeing.


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