Actress Shwetha Menon in a stunning look; Latest photos of Actress Shwetha Menon- see photos


Actress Shweta Menon’s face is one that Malayalees will not soon forget, even though she is away from the acting scene. Shweta Menon is making her Malayalam film debut with the Mammootty movie Anashwaram. Later I was able to be a part of many films, big and small.

The biggest feature of this actress is that he will act with utmost sincerity regardless of the size or age of the characters he is given. This is the reason why Shweta Menon is shining in the minds of Malayalees even though she is not active in the acting industry now.

Other films starring Shweta include Welcome to Kodaikanal, Kakkakuyil, Dubai, Keerthichakkra, Paleri Manikyam, Rathinirvedam, Salt and Pepper, Ozhimuri. Shweta Menon’s movie ‘Kalimannu’ was shot during her pregnancy.

Shwetha’s performance in Salt and Pepper won the Kerala State Government Award for Best Actress. The actress was active not only in the film industry but also in modeling. In 1994, she participated in the Femina Miss India pageant and won the third place.

Shwetha has also acted in several commercials. Not just that, he was appearing on television shows. The actress has been sharing various photos on social media. Now the fans have taken over the latest photoshoot pictures of the star in a modern look.


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